I Looked Through the Window and Saw Man

A robots nature is what is transpiring as a result of the programming received or accepted. Its design is what ever was created, but has no nature until it has been programmed. If a boy robot is in…

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Why? So Man may come into the body old and leave young! Who are we? The fountain of youth! What happens to us? We  come into this time line young and fresh, but leave with no life left; never knowi…

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I wish I was born, so I would not have to be dead!

Genesis I – Is the expression and descriptive analysis of the Big Bang and evolution – <GOD> did not create anything, <GOD> became everything including the first men and women.

27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

The androgynous first generation “LIFE” mentioned is <GOD> expressed into in a group of primary “LIFE” lines.

These “TREES” were to continue to grow, but not by creation, but through <EVOLUTION>.

Then at some point one of the “LIFE” line either lost the ability to evolve or decided they did not wish to do so. If it was a matter of losing the ability to <EVOLVE>, which may be the case, then this would constitute the end of a branch, that can no longer produce additional branches. If it was a matter of not wishing to <EVOLVE>, which is more likely the case, then this would  automatically initiate the end of a branch, that will no longer produce additional branches, because as soon as you detach from <GOD>, you are on your own, but still in <GOD’s> space.

In either case, this is when a later generation “LIFE” decided, of it own accord to re-create.

I have no idea of how long Genesis I took or how long <LIFE> evolved before the “LIFE” lines or branches came to be at the end of <GOD> expression or seventh day; all I know for sure is one of the later generations of the evolved Man, did not wish to fall away from the <TREE>, losing ones “SELF’ and returning to <SOURCE>.

What was presented to “us” as Gen. II verse 4, is a lie.

​4 These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens. (This paragraph should have a period, which should have separated Genesis I from Genesis II. It is also the first time <GOD> is referenced in another way, as the Lord God. It is not a coincidence that the Genesis II Gods reference changes).

End of Genesis I – Day seven: These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created. (PERIOD)

Beginning of Genesis II, but not <GOD’s> eight day, but a later generation of “Man’s” Day I of re-creations: in the day that the LORD God (“Man”) revised the earth and the heavens.

“Man” inspired <GOD’s> seventh day to be written down in genesis II, to lead “us” to believe “we” are Gen. I “Man”, when “I” know “we” are not.

By leaving he seventh day in Genesis II, it attached genesis II to Genesis “I”, but I have be told that there is no connection, yet!

“Man’s” Genesis II Verse 7:

7  And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

“MY” Genesis II Verse 7:

7 And a very powerful man, formed a physical creation from life; one in which he, she, they could inhabit. By creating a form from a piece of “life” which could have become of its own “TREE”, he detached “us” from <GOD>, we had “LIFE”, but no natural birth, so no movement and we could not function without <GOD>.

So “Man” gave us the breath of his “LIFE”, which means “He” made “us” and then jumped inside, to bring function to the “form”, hide from <GOD> and worst of all such the non- born “LIFE” out of “Z”, without “our” form ever realizing that “we” are stuck in the place of being in-born.

It is the perception of being “Man” and already having been born, that keeps us in place as a vehicle and power source to draw from, so they can live forever or for as long as <GOD> is still in his seventh day or finds “us” as slaves and frees “us” from “our’ Servitude to the “Man” who called himself a god.

Centuries later, what do we do? “We” create our own versions of man; the corporation and jump inside to bring function to this dead form.

What have our creation been doing over the last 100 years? Bunkering down, building underground cities, creating dead underground alliances, partnership, organization (UN) and other entities that can protect them from “us”.

Right now they need out type of “life” to exist, but as soon as they do not, there will be a slaughter, because we can not evolve, because we have never been born.

It is a long story, but TRUTH, which is accepted will spark our “LIFE” into awareness and then hopefully into a birth and reconnection with <GOD>, although many will choose “Man” over <GOD>, most without knowing.

I wish I was born, so I would not have to be dead!

I wish I was born, so I would not have to be a slave to our creator and what has been made by our minds and hands.

James Scott Velozo

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It Is Like Killing Your Baby

Our creations have evolved and we have not. This is why we cannot see the evolution. The creator has become the servant.

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A Robots Prayer

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I Am Fighting Two Monsters; Two Dead Creations

I Am Currently Fighting  Two Monsters; Two Dead Creations. The name of the first dead creation is Tufts Health Care and the second is South Coast Hospital Group. When you call these places you are given the illusion you are dealing with a live entity, because you are speaking with live bodies, but you are not interacting with a live being, because the live bodies you are dealing with are acting from a strict script, which was created, enacted, enhanced and enforced by the will of the creature itself.

According to the law, the creature itself is an individual, with all of the same rights as a live body and is allowed to act on its own accord, with the assistance of live bodies to survive; to exist and “to be” as close to living as possible. The dire problem we are having, will eventually turn fatal, as these beast are driven to eat.

The food of every single corporate entity, political body, treaty, conglomerate, partnership, alliance or an other legally formed entity or embodiment, which is allowed to take on live bodies to promote its existence, is either more profit or more power!  It is not profit or power, it is more profit or more power!

There is a gigantic difference between profit or power and more profit or more power. It is not just a slight philosophical variance, it is a Grand Canyon. On one side of the canyon you will see all life promoted and preserved and on the other side, you will see only enough live bodies to provide the creatures with continued purpose, which was initially to care for us or to provide the population of live bodies some type of benefit.

To all live bodies, that are alive; hear me!

It does not matter what dead thing is being created by the live bodies, the only thing that matters, if you are a live, is to:

  • Understand, accept and appreciate that what we create or allow to be created in our name or for our behalf, are DEAD entities.
  • Understand, accept and appreciate that every single NON-LIVING entity created by our hands or which is allowed to be created in our name or for our benefit, needs to eat in order to survive.
  • Understand, accept and appreciate that what these DEAD entities eat, drink and attempt to breathe in is MORE MONEY (PROFIT) or MORE POWER!

Our problem as society, is that we cannot see the dead. When we see politicians, we see live people, so we feel as though we are dealing with live people, but this is just a front, for the person we are really dealing with.

To see the dead is our evolution and is an absolute must, if we wish to survive. At this point all that is possible is a seat at a negotiating table and if we do not see the dead, we will never think to sit down at the table.

Believe me, negotiations are taking place among the dead, as we speak, but we do not have any living beings who are a part of the negotiations. The are plenty of live beings involved, but they are all encapsulated with the dead entities and have given themselves over to the dead.

These creatures understand that without us, they have no purpose, but also understand that they do not need all of us to have said purpose. They are beginning to awaken to understand that they may be better off choosing who to exist for and eradicating the live bodies which will hinder their ability to continue to eat.

It is the most terrifying catch 22 ever. They exist to serve our needs, but also understand that the only force that could come together to destroy the dead individual are those live bodies that they exist to serve.

They will move to choose and they will choose the live bodies, which bow down to a promote their well being. They will choose the ones which benefit from their existence.

“I” do not benefit from any dead creature.

If you wish to see what the dead are planning for the living. See the Georgia Guide Stones. Just look it up on the internet.

James Scott Velozo



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I Pray to God to be Identified; “To Be” Known!

“I am” a detached “branch” of “LIFE”, which has somehow come to be inhabited by other branches. A “branch”, within a “branch”…

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