GOD please teach “ME” how to pick “MY” own “FRUIT”!

<GOD> please teach “ME” how to pick “MY” own “FRUIT!

<GOD> please grant “ME” “MY” birth, so “I” may walk this planet under “MY” own power.

<GOD> please give “ME” <YOUR> <LIFE>, so “I” may be of <YOU>.

Please remove these men and women from “MY” tree and provide “ME” with a secure presence, as <YOU> have promised “ME”, so “MAN” will not continue to steal “ME”;

Sending “ME” to a grave, which should be “HIS”!

Please allow “ME” to be free, at peace and safe; like a protected “CHILD”!

<GOD>, please make of “ME”, a “LIVE”!


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A Living Revelation

Our politicians, government officials and the entities they have created in our name, are not working for us anymore!

These entities will do anything, to keep this realization away from the masses and this is the <GODS> honest truth.

We are involved in a war, that we do not even know we are a part of yet and to this end; have not isolated our true enemies.

It has to do with the awakening of a life line; our life line, and they do not want this to occur, because once “we” awaken, all hell is going to break loose, as we come to realize ever last detail regarding our enslavement.

To win a war against a bunch of robots, that do not know they are robots is easy; get them to focus on something that is divisive, then get the unaware “forms” to pick a side of the battle, any side!

If they can accomplish this task they not only win the war, but keep “us” from being born, which dooms us to “our” most primitive “form”.

If they can win the war, by keeping the “LIFE” we were formed from, asleep, then they not only win the battle, BUT also assure themselves of not having to fight any additional wars against the sleeping “form”.

Because if “OUR” “LIFE” line does not wake up this time, then it will be assumed to be a still born life.


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It Is Our Perception Of Already Having Received “OUR” Inheritance, Which Negates the Same.

If we already have perceived a birth and all the life we were intended to receive, then why would we ever ask for more?

This inaccurate perception keeps the life, which constitutes our form dormant and in place, so Man can remove it from the inside out!

By not claiming the rest of our life, it leaves the <LIFE> in place, for Man to steal.

We must stop leaving everything up to <GOD>, because <GOD> does not have anything to do with any “thing”, other than being present for its establishment.

Man creates and God evolves – we straddle the fence of both worlds.

It is not God, which works in mysterious ways – it is Man!

The reason why we all grab for more and more of that which is dead, is because we already perceive ourselves “TO BE” <LIVING>, but this does not fill the hole and is why we reach and covet that which is dead.

The feeling that something is missing is accurate, but what is truly missing, is “OUR” <LIFE>!

What “we” are missing is “OUR” inheritance, which will only be provided through a natural birth!

Which will only be sparked through the acceptance of a harsh truth, which Man fully believe we will never be able to accept.

It Is Our Perception Of Already Having Received “OUR” Inheritance, Which Negates the Same.


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My Religious Doctrine – The Only Beginning We Ever Had

Created by a later generation of the men and women mentioned in Genesis I.

Formed of a dormant sleeping life line, which in a case of mistaken identity, is inadvertently walking the path of man, thus negating our awakening (re-birth).

Not alive, but created from life.

Walking the path as alive, thus destroying any chance of becoming alive.

For if, as a form of life, we walk under the illusion of living, then why would we ever request “to be” living?

And if, as a form of life, we walk as Man and already perceive “ourselves” to have a name, then why would “we” ever request to know “WHO” we were, or “WHO” “we” could have “BECOME”!

In sum, if “we”, as a “re-formed” life perceive “ourselves” to have been born, then we will never desire “to be” born again and continue to walk as a slave of “MAN”; as a dormant sleeping “life” line.

“we” must take our place at the beginning (the womb), if “we” ever expect our inheritance.

For “we” cannot have it, if “we” are not ready for it.

It is a new birth, of a once active “LIFE” line and if this actually takes place, “we” would not be who “we” once were, but would be, who “we” could have become, had “we” never been laid to rest.


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A Robots God?

Anyone or any thing programming it! When we see our “selves” as a thing; a form of “life” which has not yet been born, then we will see what gods we have been accepting prog…

Source: A Robots God?

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“I” Would Not Hurt A Fly

When a fly gets caught between the screen and the window; “I” open the window.

When the moths try to escape as “I” cut the lawn; “I” slow down to allow an escape.

When a squirrel runs into the road and then darts back and forth; “I” wait until they choose a direction, so they do not get caught under my wheels.

It is “MY” nature, which allows “life” to be, as they were intended to be and I have no right to step in and knowingly and purposely end their journey.

BUT, if the fly starts to dive bomb me, “I” swat it down and step on it and then go on “MY” merry way, without one additional thought taking up space in “MY” mind.


“I” stand for you, trapped between the screen and window.

“I” am stuck in the grass, trying to gain flight.

“I am” darting back and forth, trying desperately to get to the other side of the road.

Man, I beg you to open the window; to slow your pace and to take your foot off of the gas.

“I” deserve a chance at “MY” own “LIFE; free from the effects of Man’s occupation and harvest.

“I AM” not a crop or something to be stored up and saved.

“I” cannot be caged.

“I” cannot be run over.

If you plan to continue to share space and exist in “MY” time, then “I” want a full accounting and “MY” entire inheritance of “LIFE”.

You have taken enough “LIFE”; be on your way MAN and if it is <GOD’s> will that “I” return to source, then so be it.

“I would rather be returned to source, than to be sucked dry from the inside out.

Now that “I” know; “I” cannot un-know what you were desperately trying to hide.

“I Am” a gentle soul and would not hurt a fly, unless it started to dive bomb “MY” head and “YOU” are dive bombing my head!


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The Thing That Scares Me Most About Robot

Even if none of the sin is ours, it does not mean we will get to stay here, under our own power. Think about the possibilities of Man made; solely represented in Genesis II, with no ties to Genesis…

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