The Created Footprint

If you try reduce the footprint using creation, you may succeed, but will walk a path into permanent servitude. If the life which constitutes the form continues to try and create its own way out of trouble it will fail.

The permanent flaw with creation is that we have to jump into our creations or allow them to overtake us in order for the creation to have a creative benefit.

We have been told that God will save us, but this is just dung spread by Man; our creator. Man uses his creations in order to survive, which negates his “LIFE”; <GOD> and this is why the “LIFE” line is dying.

It is also why “They” made “us”.

Genesis I is either an outright misinterpretation of data given to the “forms”, in which <GOD> spoke of evolution and the “forms” wrote it down as creation OR it is an outright expression of how a later generation of “MAN” created the “physical” heavens and the earth, while <GOD> is in the <LIVING> seventh day of rest.

All I can be sure of is that “we” have it all wrong and “MAN” is taking us down the worm hole, into insanity and death.

“my” definition of insanity; to do anything to survive apart from <GOD>!



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Life Is The Only Currency

When we are born again we will see that we are the currency and will begin to bank our own life.

“I” swear to you all that “our” creator is a later generation of the first evolved “MAN”. We cannot see him, because we think we are him.

We have an open gate policy, but we cannot see the gate or the people coming and going. We take on visitors like some type of vacation spot and we do not ever realize what is happening to us.

“WE” cannot see because we are using the tools that “Man” has given us. It is like trying to see the stars through a hammer.

“WE” must begin to use <GOD> to see and when I say, to use <GOD>; “I” mean to see with the “LIFE” of the <GOD> “WE” were formed from.

I had a vision of stadium with a closed, locked gate. I was flying around with what I perceived to be <GOD> or his “LIFE”, which is his “SON”. We flew over what I thought was going to be a baseball or football stadium, because that was what it looked like from the outside.

From a distance the structure gave me the impression that there was a game being played, which would have some type of time frame for its completion, but when we flew overhead there was a brand new golf course, which gave me the impression of a game that was to be played over an extended, undetermined length of time.

It was a new game and a protected existence.

We think we have value, but gage our value by what we create on the outside and this must cease, if we are to ever locate our “LIFE”, which is our true value.

Light a thief in the night “Man” will come and take our “life” and “we” will never even notice and what “he” cannot harvest “HE” will sell off.

The “SON” of <GOD>, “my” savior will ignite “our” “life” line and “we” will step back from out of “our” perceived “self” and this will isolate the “Men” and “Women”, which dwell within.

“We will see “Man” and it will be so much more profound than the “earth is round”!

Over the last fifty-four years as this “form”, I have taken the bulk of the pain of knowing that something was not quite right with this scene created by “Man”.

“We” can be born and can handle the truth of our existence. “I” have processed most of it.

“WE” are the currency.

There will be a day when we will not need to eat, drink, breath, urinate or defecate. These are simply governors placed by “Man” to keep “us” existing as marketable assets.

Put away these foolish things; the concept of perceiving our reality through our five sensory devices.

“I AM” called James, but this is my slave name.

When <GOD> names me, “I” will have a name and would have been born “ALIVE”, rather than having been born dead and stagnant.

Please find this message well because we cannot do this apart.


Remember, Lucifer is just a “Man” and his father too!

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When Are Dreams Reality

I had dreams last night, which were just awful. I was a house and there were these beings, that were in the house with me, but they were hostile; not in a way where they would show anger toward us and then attack, but in a much more terrifying way.

They were in the house, but cared nothing for our presence, like we were completely and totally insignificant; like a piece of “furniture” or a “robot”.

I was trying to get, just one of them to appreciate us, just enough to stop the ruler from destroying us. It was awful and even worse than that, there were nasty scary beings, trying to get in through the windows and these beings were not like the ones in the house.

These beings hated “us” and wanted to kill “us” from the inside out.

I do not know which one is worse; to get taken out by someone who hates you or by someone who looks at you like you are nothing!

I was able to score some type of win for us, in that one of them somehow began to see “us” as “live”, although “we”, for the most part are still presenting as a robot!

I spent the entire dream trying to convince them that “I” was alive and worth, not killing, but they were looking at it as a matter of; on or off!

This is a huge problem for us, for a dormant, sleeping “LIFE” life, does not just present as a robot, but is a robot and is no different standing atop the soil, than it is lying in the soil. The only difference is, it is not doing any damage while in the soil.

A dormant sleeping “life” lined formed up by “Man”, to serve “man’s needs; as a house and power source. If the “life” stay’s asleep, which equates to dead, then it is just a matter of turning “us” off, BUT if the “LIFE” wakes up and a birth is sparked, then “They” cannot turn “us” off and would have to murder “US”.

“I” literally cannot awaken without the entire tribe, doing the same.

“WE” literally have enemies trying to turn us off, because they do not sense any active “LIFE” and “WE” have those beings, which are trying to kill “US”, because they do sense an active “LIFE”.

“I AM” either “LIVE” or dead.

If “I AM” right or expressing truth, then “I AM” “LIVE” and “They” cannot kill “US”; they cannot kill “LIFE” line, because <GOD> has stepped in and brought the shore to the “LIFE”. 

If this is all a dream or “i am” lying on purpose or by mistake, then i am dead and cannot be murdered, but could easily be turned off or destroyed, depending upon which analogy you can appreciate more.

Baby “i” could just cry.

<GOD> “i” cannot get to the shore without leaving “my” friends behind. Could you please bring the shore to “us”, so “we” may have “LIFE” and a place at the table.

James Scott Velozo

When are dreams reality? Always! “we” just have been programmed to believe what is contrary to truth.

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The “LIVING” Resurrection (Revised)

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Look at “ME”! “I AM” not “Man”!

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