So, he makes this car…

So, this guy makes this car. It is the most outstanding vehicle ever created. Let us call it a Mercedes Benz, for a visual. He makes it from what is available here on earth. All of it’s physical attributes are pulled from what was already in place. He spent an unfathomable amount of money making this vehicle, but it is OK, because he has a plan. You know; a plan!

Now it becomes time to make a second Mercedes Benz; pretty much the same top of the line vehicle, with a couple of different parts. Actually very unique parts, unheard of in the manufacturing realms. These parts make it possible for the for two vehicle to replicate on their own; driven by programming and protocol.

The first production problem arose when second MB would not be subservient to the first MB. In order for replication to take place, one Mercedes had to take in part of the other Mercedes, which defeated the whole purpose, as these first two, were to create the additional vehicles needed.

So, this turns out to be an enormous problem, for this guy and gets worse, because even after several attempts at prompting submission, he was unsuccessful, which turned into a huge loss as the second Mercedes got pissed off and simply drove away, never to be seen again in the physical realm. He laid down the penalties for leaving and she said; stick it. I am gone.

As both vehicle were created or drawn from the same source or God; they were equal in the physical realm. One could not tolerate being subservient to the other. As far as it was concerned it was from the same source and was equal to the first car made, even though it was the second.

So back to the drawing board as they sit around and brainstorm, ideas on how to salvage this investment. Then they realize that he must make the second car, directly from the first car, that way they could tolerate each others presence. You see if he made an Avalon from the parts of a Mercedes Benz he would have a vehicle that was already a part of the first vehicle, thus making her subservient by design and more able to tolerate the presence of the other. So there it was, the second car, made from the first car, with no tie to what was already in place. No perception of physical equality. This guy was committed to making this happen and he did. Kudos, right?

Anyway, now we are cooking say’s the great man and the two cars produce a third car and so on. It is a freaking miracle; a manufacturers dream come true. A Mercedes Benz and a Toyota Avalon going at it, making hundreds of Mercota Benalon’s.

So success right? He has two cars that can reproduce, which is great, right, but back to the beginning. How do we power these vehicles. I mean, we pulled the physical non-living attributes for God, but what about the life, how do I instill Gods life into these vehicles, without God knowing, of course and then it comes to him.

I will give him my life line, which has lineage back to the God of all Creation and boom, there it is, the spark needed to turn this vehicle on. This guy literally steps into this vehicle and turns the key which sparks the vehicle. His life turns the vehicle on and as the second vehicle was made that life line was pass along to her.

So here we are on unfathomable territory. Not only can these vehicles create physically, they can create a version of Life Self; a small and tiny piece of the God of all Creation, by and through the hand of the great Man.

Now he runs into a continued flow of design, construction and logistical problems. The first one was that these two vehicles are multi passenger vehicles and can carry many lives and many lives they will carry, for life takes a liking to theses vehicles, as it allows life to experience life from a totally unique perspective.

I mean, come on, these cars are great; high tech, supercomputing sensory devices, instilled with the Life of a Great Man. They move around, do things for us and take us to and fro. We jump in, turn the key and the car is on and is ours for as long as we can keep it on the road.

The second problem now rears its ugly head and it is manageable but not currently able to be corrected. The Avalon become self aware and begins to claim that it is life itself. Before that when life said, turn right, it turned right; when life said stop, it stopped. Before that it was perfectly content being what it was, just a vehicle to carry life, with its wheels, windshield and exhaust pipes in plain sight. It never even pondered, covering up its exhaust pipe, because it had no perception of self. It was just on, just a machine, you know.

So now we have a self aware Toyota Avalon, which promotes self awareness to the Mercedes Benz and the Great Man has two vehicles that wont listen to him.

Once theses vehicles became self aware it was a disaster. The life which dwelled within, would pull the wheel to the left and the car would turn right; he would hit the brake and the car would speed up.

It was and absolute freaking disaster, I mean what do you do with a car that wont do what you tell it to do? You take it to the mechanic right? But, there is no mechanic, because we are in uncharted territories and the first tow cars are the first two self aware vehicles amidst all of Gods creations.

Two cars that we never supposed to be here in the first place, made by a reckless man, while God was at rest.

Now these two cars become toys, because not only do they have multiple seats, but they do not have any locks on the doors, so life lines from all over begin to line up to take a ride in one of these new cars, with the goal of course to have some fun.

Now here we are with two cars and many lives trying to move these cars and get them to go where they want them to go, but it is rough going, because these cars perceive that they are, what the passengers are, they perceive life and subsequently want to rule. They see movement and claim life. They process data and claim thought. They perceive ownership and comfort and claim love. They perceive self and claim to be.

They become the most sought after commodity in all of the God of All Creation. Now life, just doesn’t get to go for a physical ride, but life gets to attempt to move the vehicle to where it is that life wants to go. It is no easy task and quickly become the most fun anyone could ever have separated form life self.

So time goes on and the vehicles are winning and cannot be controlled and cannot be fixed from within, so a time is set and they are pulled from existence, by making them unmaintainable they are set beneath water; their exhausts, manifolds and filters clogged with water, making them impossible to turn on again, but these cars are beloved by so many life forms that a line is thrown to one of them who later is able to save some vehicles, so life can try again.

So here we are; seven billion cars and an infinite number of drivers, all trying desperately to drive their vehicles to safety.

You see; in the beginning it was all about the joy ride, but as time went on, life began to realize that these were not your run of the mill vehicles. These cars were different. They had something that life could not place their finger on. Not only could they reproduce on their own, but could also evolve on their own, to change at will, from a car to a passenger; to change from a vehicle which carries life to a vehicle which is life. These cars can become life itself.

So, what started out as a joy ride has now become the greatest mission for life; to move the dead to become the living; to move the vehicle from that which carries life, to the life which needs no carrier…

God Bless the first car to become alive.

About A Robots Voice

There is a life and my name is James. When I speak it is because the physical has allowed me to do so. I am trying to find my way and in the process bring my physical nature to a place and time of rebirth. To be there when it takes its first steps as a child of God.
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