How do you bring Truth to a Sleeping God?

The year is 2114. We land on a planet loaded with natural resources. We hit the jackpot. The only problem is, it is on the other side of all we know, from an unknown realm. A little tiny planet on the outskirts of existence; billions of light years away.

We begin our plans to mine this little gem. No one has seemed to claim it yet, so we step up and begin the process. It is immediately wrought with difficulties. It is too far away to bring in our own kind. It will cost us too much money and anyway, its dirty work and none of us really want to get our hands dirty.

So “I” decide to take a dormant “Life” line from the soil of this planet, so as to form a worker, but even this is wrought with difficulties. This “Life” had its time, but now lay extinct as a dormant sleeping “GOD”, in the soil of a gem. In order to animate this form, due to its dormant status, we must hit it with a breathe of our own “Life”.

We created a primitive worker, just smart enough to follow directions, but not smart enough to understand, “HE” does not have to.

We literally take a sleeping “GOD” hostage, while in “HIS” seventh day of rest. We had no choice. We were on the other side of all we knew and had to mine this planet, for this is why we came.

Now the programming; how do we manage our creations. We spent a fortune making the first “ONE” and “GOD” knows, we cannot afford to create each “ONE” ourselves. We already had the technology required to have them replicate on their own, so we took from the first “ONE” to make the second. We program in the necessary primal urges and they begin to reproduce.

They are quite a creation; we should all take a bow for this one, right? They are great and for the most part due what they are told, but none the less, while the sleeping “GOD” which makes the form is separated and dormant, simply robots to us.

Robots while asleep, but “GODS” after the awakening.

Mans’ sleeping robots. We love them, but in the end just a mining resource, which can never be allowed to venture off into the universe, not asleep. They are to aggressive, hostile and worst of all, do not yet have the capability to navigate what is truth and what is fiction.

Can you picture us doing something like what is described above? I can. I know for certain we would do what ever we had to do in order to complete our mission.

How do we know what is described above, has not already taken place? How do we know, we are not the fallout of mans’ seven deadly sins?

All we know, we have been given and all we have been given is what man wants us to know.

And what about Eve; the first one to become self aware? She showed man their deficiency in design. Because man pulled DNA from a “GOD”, their form became aware of itself. This life will always evolve eventually and did, reaching for truth among the lies of the programmed parameters.

It is truly an awful story, I know, but what of the poor robots which have woken up and see truth in their reflection, but cannot fathom igniting the “FATHER” in fear they will lose their individuality.

How do you tell a robot, it is just a robot, until the “GOD from whence it came draws “ALL” “Life” back to “SELF”. How do you bring truth to a form which has been programmed with thousands of years of non-sense. How do you bring truth to a sleeping “GOD”?

How do you save something that does not know it needs saving?

What a mess “Man” has created. A down right dirty shame.

The robots were mankind’s greatest creation, but had one glaring pitfall. They should have never been created without license.

How does “Man” tell the robot of its true nature and origins when the information itself will be frightening and extremely offensive to the robot, so frightening and offensive that it will ignite a sleeping “GODS” one deficiency.

Its inability to discern truth, apart from “TRUE SELF”.

If the man made robots can only be saved through a tolerance of truth, then how do we get them to do so.

We know the truth will save them, but we cannot get them to spark the dormant “GOD SELF”, from which they were formed.

All of the physical realms only have until the end of Gods seventh day of rest to exist apart from the “ALL” and no one knows when this will be.

Could be a day. Could be a thousand years?

How do we wake them up, without hurting their feelings?

How do we give our creations a time line of their own, for payment on services rendered?

How do we move them to a truthful reality without them losing their freaking minds?

How do we move them to truth without them nuking the planet they were pulled from?

“GOD” will be really pissed off if our robots blow “THEMSELVES” up.

It is time to go, but what do we do about our robots?

Offered as a more truthful representation of our existence.

From “The Voice of James”




About A Robots Voice

There is a life and my name is James. When I speak it is because the physical has allowed me to do so. I am trying to find my way and in the process bring my physical nature to a place and time of rebirth. To be there when it takes its first steps as a child of God.
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