On The Outskirts Of Life

As a form, constructed from an extinct and dormant life line, I have limited options for a continued, isolated and animated existence.

There are over seven billion animated forms on this planet alone. Only God know how many total and he can tell, by how many grains of sand he is missing.

These grains of sand all believe they are alive unto themselves, because the form came to sense its own presence, apart from itself. The reason for this ability, is because of the material it was made from; a piece of God, formed and packaged as a conveyance vehicle, tool and source of power.

The source of power is three-fold: the form itself is an extinct, dormant naturally evolved pure life line or a piece of God, which is obviously a great power and wealth; while packaged up in its current form, it produces a source of energy, which also has a tremendous value to it; finally, its configuration allows for emotional states which create a third source of power. The more emotional the forms become, the more power is generated.

They saw movement and perceived an active life line. They felt emotions and claimed them as a determining factor of being men and women. These beliefs were instigated and nurtured as a management tool, out of necessity, as they were never supposed to become self aware, but this is what happens when you play around with life, which is the original sin of the later generation of the first men and women responsible for our creation.

There are trillions of men and women on the outskirts of this, self expressed God. They dwell within the bodies, which are actually of, a separate sleeping life line. They steal the life from these forms. These forms are like a field of life for this later generation of men and women, but it is not their field.

They steal this life, in an effort to become a god unto themselves. They store the power generated from the bodies to power their planned realm, with the ultimate goal of a continued existence, apart from the self-expressed God they came from. The power generated from the emotions is sold off to the highest bidders for universal value.

This is not typical of all of the generations of men and women, but is typical of the men and women vying for their own right a passage, within the forms they have created to do so.

Fallen angels do not want to go home. They never did and never will. They do not want to return to the life from which they were expressed. To this end they have laid it all on the line, in one last-ditch effort to harvest as much life as possible; to maintain themselves for as long as they can, to power their realm with the energy produced by the fields, to such a degree as to escape the forces of God, before he calls all his life back unto self and to have enough wealth accumulated to support themselves in the process.

Lucifer leads this charge. These men and women do not want to go home.

This is a modern-day, recognizable and understandable representation of the realities of our existence.

Ironically, we are accelerating particles, at nearly the speed of light in an effort to duplicate the power necessary to  provide for our continued movement and are doing this for the same reasons the men and women are doing it for; to stay on, as an isolated, animated, ruling life form.

The only difference between us and them is our form and generation of life.  We are made from a naturally evolved extinct and dormant life line, but need an active power source to continue as is. They are a naturally evolved living being, trying to attain enough power to self-sustain their own presence as is, for an eternity.

This life we are trying to create is our original sin. It is like trying to make a new God, so we can stay on as we are, regardless of what God says or does, but it is not going to work and may destroy both power sources in the process.

This is why God transferred his life unto his Son. Now it has become a battle for life, between the sons of man and the Son of God.

We can not exist, as we are, apart from man. Man cannot exist, as they are, apart from God and our version of man, the corporation, cannot exist as they are, apart from us. This is what happens on the outskirts of life, in the physical realm.

As a form, constructed from an extinct and dormant life line within the God in which we dwell, I have limited options for a continued, isolated and animated existence.

This troubles me to no end, because I am kind of like the fallen angels in that, I do not want to return to the soil, even though I know that is where I came from and where I am going back to, at some point.

I do not want to be a stick in the mud and do something that may hurt God, nor do I want to harm the later generations of man, because I feel their pain and know why they do what they do.

I can understand, because I want to stay here, but not infused with some sort of make shift life or artificial presence, but as a piece of God, with Gods blessings.

I do not want to be a maggot or some kind of thief, but do not want to go home either.

I do not want to be a part of our mans future, if he has one, because it will be dead, dark, dirty and cold; I do not want to carry the later generations of men and women around, like some sort of enslaved energizer bunny; I do not want to be some kind of refractive form, bending the life in which I dwell to suit my imagined needs and I most certainly do not want to be a form which creates my own waste.

I want a life of my own; not like some kind of God, but as a living form, made and embodied of one good and strong life line, with direct lineage back to God or his Son.

I want to be a good life in a clean and safe land.


About A Robots Voice

There is a life and my name is James. When I speak it is because the physical has allowed me to do so. I am trying to find my way and in the process bring my physical nature to a place and time of rebirth. To be there when it takes its first steps as a child of God.
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