His Cheating Wife

About three decades ago I told one of my closest friends that his wife was cheating on him. I had only second-hand knowledge of this fact, but it was from reliable first hand witnesses. It was a sure thing. I would have never mentioned it otherwise.

She naturally made me out to be the villain and it forever changed our friendship, but at least he was left with a truthful representation of his realty, for there is no dignity in not knowing.

He was my friend and I did not want him to be played like some kind of chump, but did I do the right thing?

If I asked seven billion men, women and children if it was the right thing to do, I will get seven billion perspectives, but only two verdicts.

Many folks would say, “well you should not ask the children”, but I disagree.

We inherently know what is right, before we are taught what is wrong. We inherently know what to do, before we are taught, what not to do.

If you ask the children, you will get a more straight forward, honest perspective which will culminate in a yes verdict, more times than not.

This is because the children are not cluttered with thousands of years of programmed, non-sense and have not yet been given the perspectives of the adult generation which preceded them.

I often wonder if we should not ask the children, about what we should do regarding our future, as a physical representation of Man.

If you ask seven billion people if they want to know the whole truth about the realities of our existence, almost all of them would say, “no” and some would say, “hell no”! Others would say, “give it to me a little at a time”, while others, like me, would say, “lay it on me God”, because I would rather know.

A young child would already know about the place of life, for they are closer to it than we  are. A new born knows, just about everything, although you could not convince the adults of this truth.

I love children, because they are just real and have not yet been corrupted by the ones walking away from their life.

Many would say, “non-sense, a baby cannot talk, speak and does not have any information available to it” and I say, you are speaking of the brain, but I am speaking of the body.

It is the body which knows all there is to know, because it came from the place of life.

I would like you to consider leaving your brain out of the equation and allow the body to decide on truth, the realities of our existence and what our future path should be. It may not be a pleasant thought for the brain, but will certainly be uplifting to the life of the body.

In its simplest format; do not see with your eye, hear with your ear, touch with your hands and feet, taste with your mouth, or smell with your nose, because those sensory tools are connected to the brain.

I say to you; see, feel, touch, taste and smell with your “I” or true “SELF”, for you are already preloaded with “TRUTH”. The body of “CHRIST” already knows “ALL” there is to know.

It is the brain which contradicts “LIFE” and destroys the “BODY”.

When I spoke to my friend, about his cheating wife, “HE” already knew that she was cheating on him. It was his brain which lied to him and told him that she was not doing so.

The brain is a wicked thing for two reasons; one is that it perceives itself to be the true “SELF”, which is a claim upon “LIFE”, as it states “I am alive”, because I can move this form; two is that it was designed by a generation of Man and is ungodly in nature, because it distances itself from “TRUTH”, which is “LIFE”, which is “GOD”.

The brain does this for perceived protection, but screws itself in the end.

There is no dignity in not knowing, there is only death.

We cannot exist in our current capacity, without a brain, but can live forever without one, for the brain only manufactures death, with its own versions of reality.

If the brain could take a step back and stop making stuff up, the body would last for a thousand years, in its current form.

Fiction kills “LIFE”.

My dreams feel wicked to my brain, because it claims ownership and production of the content, but it is not  my brain making this stuff up. It may skew the message as it interjects itself into the message, but cannot destroy the “TRUTH” of the “BODY”, unless it is given enough time to do so.


About A Robots Voice

There is a life and my name is James. When I speak it is because the physical has allowed me to do so. I am trying to find my way and in the process bring my physical nature to a place and time of rebirth. To be there when it takes its first steps as a child of God.
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