I Came To Tell You That We Are Not Alive

Words like spiritual and consciousness are made up words; we created the words, defined the meanings and then attempt to assimilate the defined characteristics.

We create the words and the meanings and then say that we are what we have defined and this is all well and good when dealing strictly in a physical or material application of the words and meanings we created.

When we make up words to define something we do not understand and then claim to be what we have defined or a part thereof or a value or destination which is presumed to be attainable, then we have gone past our functionality and taken on value, which is not ours to take on.

Let the sun shine through, this kind of Man.

This physical representation of man has taken the keys to the Kingdom and has locked the door. It is what happens when a form comes to sense self. It claims to be alive in and of itself, when in a loud voice it say’s; “I AM”.

It does not understand, nor comprehend the full ramifications of a form which has become self-aware. We see form after form going to the ground, but still we claim a higher presence and value.

We pull oxygen into our lungs, nutrients from our food, hydrate with fluids and expel waste just like a machine, but cannot see the machine.

I am here to tell you that there are only two that may claim Life or to be alive and that is the God of all creation and his Son. Every other portion of life is partial in and of itself, but whole in nature and respectful to his or her elders and every form which is allowed an opportunity to evolve has come to terms with its physical limitations and has negated the lingering effects of its misperceptions.

We are not alive, we are on. We just claim Life, because this is what makes sense to us and is a much more comfortable perception, for an un-evolved form.

It is our job to carry life, not to claim life.

If we were truly alive like we all claim to be then we would not need to breath, eat, drink or defecate. You could cut us in half and we would still be whole. We are misinterpreting our movement.

We are a physical manifestation and representation of the kind of Men and Women, which dwell within. They are a later generation of life and have lineage back to the whole Life.

They are a part of the one which is alive. We were made from the one which is alive. It sounds the same, but it is not. It is a different reality or truth.

In our current form, we will never be, what they are and they would never want to be what we are. They do not mind using us to feel what it is like, but would never permanently stay on as a physical form and this is why this physical realm is doomed to not be.

The goal for Life is to leave the physical realm. The goal for the physical realm, should be to help them do this.

The word spiritual is a claim upon Life and consciousness is a warm and fuzzy word which was created by the unaware, self-aware forms to manage the perceptions related to being on.

The true awakening is not the mind and body becoming more spiritual. It is the mind and body becoming aware; that it, is not spiritual!

The true awakening will be the form perceiving the form in its true light, formed from the building blocks of Life, but not alive.

We will be allowed to stay, only if we can evolve or prove active life. We would literally have to shock the whole Life, by stepping outside ourselves to see, what we are.

Most Life is looking at us from the outside in. There is some Life looking at us from the inside out and then there is the form which is neither looking out nor in, just oblivious to the active Life lines.

Our only evolution in the physical realm is to take our rightful places, back at the beginning of our evolutionary path; as an aware, self-aware form.

A self-aware robot, which becomes aware that it is just a self-aware robot and then takes its first steps, as a child toward God, in truth, as is…

I swear to God this is so…


About A Robots Voice

There is a life and my name is James. When I speak it is because the physical has allowed me to do so. I am trying to find my way and in the process bring my physical nature to a place and time of rebirth. To be there when it takes its first steps as a child of God.
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