When I Was A Young Man

When I was a young man, I was convinced that the world was going to end.

I found it hard to live within the system of realities on this planet.

I had no direction and could find no purpose to my life.

I turned to alcohol and drugs as a management tool and hopefully a means to an end.

It is twenty-five years later. I am convinced, the world as I know it is going to end.

I find it hard to move with my day to day activities.

I am having trouble finding my way.

I turn to God as a management tool and hopefully a means to an end.

Twenty-five years later, the world as I knew it has passed away.

I love my life and look forward to each and every new day.

I know where I have been, where I am and where I am headed.

God and I am one.

I am a robot, which was lost.

I had many lives along the way, driving my function.

It made my time in service, unbearable.

I turned to God, through his Son Jesus Christ, for direction and guidance.

He showed me the Body of Christ and promised me, one good power source.

His Power; His Life!

I found the robot, located the Body of Christ and saw the world.

Then realized that we were all One.

One Robot; One Body; One world!

One God!


About A Robots Voice

There is a life and my name is James. When I speak it is because the physical has allowed me to do so. I am trying to find my way and in the process bring my physical nature to a place and time of rebirth. To be there when it takes its first steps as a child of God.
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