One of us is upside down and inside out.

If you turn the body upside down and pull it inside out it will fit better, but will hurt a great deal and destroy the body in the process.

If the body allows the “LIFE” and the essence of all “LIFE”, which is the “Father”, “SON” & the “HOLY SPIRIT” to realign “SELF”, so that the “SON” is now up and the “FATHER” down, while allowing the “HOLY SPIRIT” to turn one hundred and eighty degrees, then the body will not have to be destroyed.

When the father becomes the son and the son becomes the father and the holy spirit turns to face, then a new “LIFE” will be born and a new “LIGHT” will shine.

One of us is upside down and inside out.


About A Robots Voice

There is a life and my name is James. When I speak it is because the physical has allowed me to do so. I am trying to find my way and in the process bring my physical nature to a place and time of rebirth. To be there when it takes its first steps as a child of God.
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