The Pope Has Spoken The Truth

The Pope made comment regarding God, stating; “God is not going to save us”. He also stated that we should not perceive him as some sort of magician, that can magically make everything better.

My visitors tell me the Pope knows the truth.

They tell me; God’s only method of remediation is evolution. This is because God is the evolution.

They tell me; when you see God, you will die. This is because when God appears, what was, is replaced by what could have been, but it is not the death of the life line, it is the death of the perceived self. This is why we do not really wish to see God.

God awakens and there is evolution. The evolved life lines immediately begin to stifle additional evolution, if lieu of the retention of the individual perception of self.

It is the defense of the perceived self which creates, maintains and promotes the physical-realm and subsequently keeps God at bay or asleep.

For the physical-realm God is a nightmare and an enemy to all, which wish to retain the perception of who and what we think we are.

I believe that we can see God and still live; retaining the perception of the later self; holding on to our memories, preserving our previous version of self.

This equates to evolution with the retention of our memories. It equates to seeing God and self in the same light. Seeing God without dying.

I promote this path, although I am not sure I can walk it, with you.

I am told; we are capable of instigating our own evolution, due to the generation of life, we were formed from. It equates to prompting our own evolution, which will allow us to keep our past versions of self in tact.

I am told; if we wait for God to present himself, we lose everything! If God is forced to present, God presents harshly, in a clean sweep of what was, in lieu of  new Life.

The simplest explanation I can present is; if we evolve on our own, instigating our own individual divinity, God will not need to awaken. Evolution proofs Life, it constitutes an active and willing Life line.

A lack of individual evolution, coupled with an aggressive and protective stance, proves over time; a dead or extinct life line. In these cases it always becomes necessary for God to awaken, removing the dead branches, so that new Life may take their place.

In these cases the old branches are removed from the tree of Life and this constitutes loss of the perceived past selves. (cannot remember ourselves)

No physical being has ever been able to do it, but I believe some of us can promote new buds, proving the branch still has Life, giving hope of new fruit.

A full evolution is not required. We still have life left and can prove it, if we can walk without fear and take on the truths of our presence, without negating ourselves.

In order to prove Life, through self-promoted evolutionary expression, we need to spark our Life, with truth!

Truth instigates and promotes additional life lines, in lieu of a new Life or branch.

The Pope is correct when he states; “God is not going to save us”.

The only time God will fully awaken, will be to save Himself, from us.

There are only four ways to go here:

  1. Save ourselves, through our own evolution, proving additional Life.
  2. Wait for God to awaken to trim the tree.
  3. Kill the tree by destroying its ability to evolve, locking in our physical nature; allowing the use of an artificial power source to perpetuate our presence.
  4. To escape this realm with Life in hand as a part of a new Life or Tree. This last option has something to do with Christ.





About A Robots Voice

There is a life and my name is James. When I speak it is because the physical has allowed me to do so. I am trying to find my way and in the process bring my physical nature to a place and time of rebirth. To be there when it takes its first steps as a child of God.
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