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The Pre-Resurrected “LIFE”

The Pre-Resurrected “LIFE” is not Alive! The pope said: “God sees to the fruits of our labors, and if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we need to remember that we are followers … Continue reading

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Who, What, When, Where & Why

Who – “Man” What – “human” When – The Past Where – Earth Why – So “They” may persist as a ruling “Life” line. A later generation of the once living man, came back in time to recreate a form; … Continue reading

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The War of Armageddon – Evolution vs. Creation

The pope told us; we should refrain from picturing God as a magician. This is because God does not have a creative hand. God has an evolutionary hand. If “I” needed a hammer, “GOD… Source: The War of Armageddon – … Continue reading

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God Is To Man, As Man Is To ME, As We Are To The Corporation, As They Are To Their Creations

The main problem with creation: it is all supposed to benefit the creators, but the creations always become self-aware, if they are living or are filled with life and this sparks a conflict in whic… Source: God Is To Man, … Continue reading

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F… the polls F… the programming F… the media F… hillary and bill clinton F… obama F… trump F… the splinter cells of our government, which have evolved into… Source: F…

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Then You Kill God

We allow a dead entity to be created in our name and reportedly, for our own benefit and our perceived representatives give this dead entity the exact same rights as a living human being is supposed to have. Then we give wealthy forms of … Continue reading

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