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The Created Footprint

If you try reduce the footprint using creation, you may succeed, but will walk a path into permanent servitude. If the life which constitutes the form continues to try and create its own way out of trouble it will fail. The … Continue reading

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The Pre-Resurrected “LIFE”

The Pre-Resurrected “LIFE” is not Alive! The pope said: “God sees to the fruits of our labors, and if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we need to remember that we are followers … Continue reading

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When “I” Stand as Dead; “I” Will Be a “LIVE”!

It is almost impossible to perceive yourself as dead, when we have been programmed with thousands of years of lies, misrepresentations and incorrect perceptions, but if we can stand still long enough to see and experience the truth, there will … Continue reading

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Who, What, When, Where & Why

Who – “Man” What – “human” When – The Past Where – Earth Why – So “They” may persist as a ruling “Life” line. A later generation of the once living man, came back in time to recreate a form; … Continue reading

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A Robots God?

Anyone or any thing programming it! When we see our “selves” as a thing; a form of “life” which has not yet been born, then we will see what gods we have been accepting programming from. What have “we” been believing and … Continue reading

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The Others

If you could look inside what you see, you will not find who I am. You will find others and would know instantly who they were, but you would not see me. If you look outside me, you will most … Continue reading

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I Am Fighting Two Monsters; Two Dead Creations

I Am Currently Fighting  Two Monsters; Two Dead Creations. The name of the first dead creation is Tufts Health Care and the second is South Coast Hospital Group. When you call these places you are given the illusion you are dealing with … Continue reading

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