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It Is Like Killing Your Baby

Our creations have evolved and we have not. This is why we cannot see the evolution. The creator has become the servant. Source: It Is Like Killing Your Baby

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I Went There To Die

I am 53 years old and nine years sober and for all of those years, I can honestly say; I have never wanted to be here, like this. It is a shape and form, that I am unfamiliar and uncomfortable with. … Continue reading

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Doors “we” cannot see, houses “we” cannot contemplate, “PEOPLE” “we” cannot discern, language “we” cannot hear or understand and an outright stubbornness to hold on to the five senses as the absolute last word on reality.

Our major shortcoming is that we are always trying to figure out what is going on, based solely upon what we are given to see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Whatever “I” can imagine, is what is going on. When … Continue reading

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Evolution is creation also, is it not?

God evolves. Man creates. Man creates and then jumps into his creations. His creations create and jump into theirs. Then, first Man is lost. Their creations create and then jump into their creation… Source: Evolution is creation also, is it … Continue reading

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Stuck Between a Rock and Hard Place

Between Man and what has been created in our name! How will we be saved? By not trying to create our way, out of trouble. James

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I see me through you, but you do not see you, through me.

I had a dream that I was in a house with these beings, but they were not like me. There were hundreds, maybe thousands of them and they were looking right through me, like I was not even there. I … Continue reading

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“I” do not know about any of “you”, but when “I” look in the mirror “I” see the true crucifixion.

“we” will be the “ones” to emerge into a new time, fully evolved! “i” do not know what “Man’s malfunction is, but “They” really need to begin to learn from their mistakes. <GOD> does not mind if “You” drive off a cliff, … Continue reading

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