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How has the belief of alive worked for “us” so far?

How has claiming to be alive worked for us?

What path are we on?

<ALIVE> is a flat earth belief.

It is a calculation that cannot be proven and that is why it leads us back to the ground.

Dead or unborn can be proven mathematically and once the theorem is proven, we will become a <LIVE> and join the ranks of the <LIVING>.


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Every dead thing we grab for is a testament to not actually being a “LIVE” life line.

Everything ‘i” grab for is to feel more alive, but the only thing “we” should be reaching for is “our” birth.

Yes, there is “LIFE” after death, but only if “we” accept dead, as “we” stand!


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Try and Understand

Only some “thing” that is dead, would try to hurt or terminate another.

This is done in an attempt to rise above another and is the desperate act of a dead or dying creation.

When I bring the realization of UNBORN to the awareness of the dead, “they” will try to hurt “me”; they will try to terminate me, because they do not yet know “WHO” I am and why “I AM” here.

Try and understand: the reason why “we” pull and grab for dead things, is because we are dead. The reason we hurt and negate others is to attempt to rise above the others, because this is the only way we can figure how to feel more alive.

UNBORN must be brought to the awareness of the population. It has been deemed appropriate and critical for the UNBORN Life to see “itself” in truth, so “we” may choose which path to follow.

Try and understand: the living do not hurt the living. The living do not cage the living and the living would never try to destroy the living, because the <LIVING> needs no “thing” and does not feel as though “it” does.

It is the perception of <LIVING> which negates “our” birth. It is the perception of already being <ALIVE>, which keeps us from pulling fruit from our own tree.

Try and understand: “we” think we are alive, so we are “not”!

Try and understand: there is no <alive> for “us” until we come to the realization that “we” are dead (unborn “life”).

We must see and embrace dead in order to prove “life”, because only the <LIVING> can see the “dead”.

If you hear “my” words and fear overwhelms you and you attack “me” , try to hurt “me” or try to terminate my presence, you will have proven “dead” and may have sealed your own fate, because once you take that stand , it will lock the “form” into a state of perpetual death.

If you say; I choose alive, then you better damned well see and appreciate “our” truth, because there is a reason it is said, that the “TRUTH” will set us free.

This is the truth: it is the perception of <LIVING> which negates living, it is the perception of <LIVING> which negates freedom, it is the perception of <LIVING>, when “we” are not living, which promotes the illusion that we must hurt one anther in order to get ahead or kill one another in an effort to stay <ALIVE>.

Try and understand; all Man had to do was flip the script and “we” are blind and cannot see, that “we” are the <TREE>!

I have been told; just to write, to stop thinking and do not delete any written word even though “i am” scared “i” will hurt you on some level, but “i” have to try to understand that “i” would never hurt “you”, for it would be like terminating an unborn fetus.

What you see around you is not life, it is slavery and death and that is why when “we” turn on the reality TV all “we” see is slavery and death!


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In short: if what “I” say is true and a later generation of man, made us from an unborn life (robot) and one of these men is Lucifer along the rest of the fallen angels and are going to inhabit a created form of life, then which type of forms would they be more inclined to dwell within? A Conservative or a liberal “form”?

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Just Play This Game With Me

How many things on your mind today? How many things do you have to do? How many struggles are you facing? How many joys are you experiencing? Try not to think of them as, “not news worthy”!

For the sake of this game, let us call each  item a news story, worthy of notation!

To be safe, let us say 20 things going on today, for each individual!

Multiply that by 7.6 billion people = 152 billion things going on today.

It has been said, there is an average of 1 company for every 60 individuals on the planet = 116 million companies.

Multiply that by 20 things that each individual company is trying to accomplish = 2.32 billion things going on today.

That is 154.32 billion things going on today.

Now carefully, thoughtfully and with great appreciation, consider the individual, departments, compartments and/or cells which comprise our worlds governments.

How many things do you think those individual entities have going on today?

Now, add in government contractors, researchers, multi-national conglomerates, foundations, banks, stock exchanges, the privately owned federal reserve, the worlds armies, dictators, war lords, drug king pins, drug farms, food farms and on and on and on…

How many things do you think those individuals have going on today?

Next, if you are like me, you believe that there is way more unseen, then there is seen. So how many unseen things are going on today?

OK, Ok, ok, you get the message. There is nearly an unimaginable amount of things going on today.

It is widely acknowledged that six corporations (individuals) are in total control of what news stories we are shown today and out of trillions and trillions of news worthy events, they are going to show us 4 or 5 compelling and fear driven stories, that will totally take our focus away from reality.

Then these entities take the stories, break them down and then expand them; building them up into, what is perceived to be a great deal of news (data), which results in the illusion that we are being provided with all of the required information for the day.

AND, what do we do as a population is, we base our realty and our perception of truth, upon what we are being fed for information, which is a microscopic amount, compared against the total amount of truth taking place in any given day.

NOW, if you believe what “I” have stated,  this means that on a daily basis, we are fabricating our reality upon a fraction of what can been seen and an infinite fraction if we count what is unseen.

In truth, if we take into account the trillions and trillions of things going on today, we are basing our reality upon 0.000000000000000000000000001% (guesstimate) of all available data.

If <GOD> is truth and truth is the total of every single piece of data available, then you will understand and appreciate how far away from <GOD> we are and how easy it is for these people to coral an entire population, by only providing the prescribed daily data.

You will be closer to <GOD> if you use your imagination to develop your reality, instead of the news, because “our” imagination is <GOD> given, and dictates all future reality.

Please keep in mind one more important fact; Corporations are things!

Dead things, and they do not value “<LIFE>”.

James Scot Velozo

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From the Mind of the Unborn Life

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