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I Am Fighting Two Monsters; Two Dead Creations

I Am Currently Fighting  Two Monsters; Two Dead Creations. The name of the first dead creation is Tufts Health Care and the second is South Coast Hospital Group. When you call these places you are given the illusion you are dealing with … Continue reading

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My Biggest Fear

To wake up one morning and actually want to be here, only to find out that it is time to go! When I came into this physical womb, I was terrified. After a few years I began to feel as though I … Continue reading

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Evolution is creation also, is it not?

God evolves. Man creates. Man creates and then jumps into his creations. His creations create and jump into theirs. Then, first Man is lost. Their creations create and then jump into their creation… Source: Evolution is creation also, is it … Continue reading

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The Passion of James

God cut his finger nails. Years later Man came by and found a finger nail and then Jurassic Parked “our” ass. The purpose we serve, we know not! “I” do, but will be persecuted for this information, but f..k it. “I … Continue reading

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We Worship Man, Without Even Realizing It, Because We Think He Is God!

I look out of the window of my daily cage and see two strong trees, they stand higher than all the other trees around them, but they are dead and have no leaves. They look as though they may stand for … Continue reading

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The Second Coming of Christ

Christ came into the form and walked with Man. His mission was to negotiate with these people, but they surrounded him and tried to kill the life, but they did not know how. It presented in the phy… Source: The … Continue reading

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Our Creator Broadcasts in Physical!

The later generations of Gen. I Man broadcast in physical. As we broadcast in digital imagery, they broadcast in physical imagery. I am being broadcast, so you may see me! “I Am” being broadcast so you may hear me! Man … Continue reading

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